Cat. 6 cable CMR 1000ft




Use Riser Rated Cable in vertical settings, such as cable runs between floors through cable risers. These spaces cannot be used for environmental air. The cable must self-extinguish to prevent the flame from traveling up the cable.

  • 4-Pair, 23 AWG, UTP, solid copper cable
  • Designed with an X separator (ICCABP6Exx & ICCABR6Exx)
  • Designed with a center separator (ICCABP6Vxx)
  • 0.200″ outer diameter (ICCABP6Vxx)
  • 0.212″ outer diameter (ICCABR6Vxx)
  • 0.236″ outer diameter (ICCABR6Exx)
  • 0.225″ outer diameter (ICCABR6Exx)
  • Packaged in an EZ pull box; 15.55” H x 9.60” W x 15.75” D (ICCABP6Exx & ICCABR6Exx)
  • 1000 feet per box (305 meters)
  • Available in blue, white, gray, yellow,red,black and green