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LED Ceiling Lights



LED Emergency Exit Lights

ameleco-electrical-supply-wholesale- store-Etlin-Daniels Pictogram Exit Light - Running Man Sign EX200WH-A13BB-GU LED Emergency Exit Light – Running Man Sign

This thermoplastic with a UL 5VA flame rating is slim, easy-to-use snap-in ceiling or wall.

Double-sided 120 V / 347 V with a 90 minute battery backup.

LED’s operate in AC mode and emergency DC mode.

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16" LED Ceiling Light 26W

            Only $41.69 

You can buy in size 14″ 22W at $35.39 too.
2.1″  Slim and Flush Design.  Great fit for lighting up any area including damp places.

If you like, you could even be buying in 12″ size 15W at $33.29.                                        Brightness:   2250 lumens (16″),                        1800 lumens (14″),     1350 lumens (12″).

Great 3-Colour Switch Inside with low power usage & high Lumen output.
Switch from Warm White, Cool White to Daylight White as you like!

Yes – Compatible with most dimmers !
Frosted with modern chrome metal edge.

Green Mode switch 26W —> 19W (16″) included for 20% energy savings.

22W —> 16W (14″).           16W —> 12W (12″)

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Likewise, click below for reasons why LED lights are way more energy efficient.

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You can buy FLO EV Chargers for residential use:

  ~ G5 price is only $995.00

   ~ X5 price is only $1295.00

FLO EV Charger

FLO EV Charger

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 Stopped by today and was happy to pick-up some yellow plastic boxes that none of the big-box stores carry any more. The staff is really friendly, unlike other wholesalers AND they don’t have a minimum order. I will definitely be coming back for my future needs. Thanks! - C. S.


Michael was excellent! I like the new larger store in Richmond. In a word, easy-to-shop! - G B

Local Electrical Services Company

Great store for electricians. Large selection. Moderate prices. - Z. W.




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NEW 2020 Virtual Lightfair Product Showcase by NaturaLED.

led lights vancouver bc

led lights vancouver bc

Virtual Lightfair Product Showcase by NaturaLED.
New LED Products!

Security Lights by NaturaLED 💡💡💡💡💡

DLC Premium.

Built-in Photocell (can be unplugged, on/off).

Aluminum body, 1/2″ NPT Knockouts.

Great for pathways, parking garages, stairwells, apartment/complexes, security lighting.

ULC Listed.

Order ready in 2 days after down payment & order confirmation.                        (778) 296-2570

Unit 3 ~ 4, 12331 Bridgeport Road, Richmond BC

Corn Cob Lamps by NaturaLED. 💡💡💡💡💡

Smaller.  Lightweight.

Bypass Ballast with integrated Driver included.

Enclosed fixture rated.  E26 and EX39 base.
ULC Listed.




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