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  Vancouver Electrical Stores – Great Careers at Ameleco!  Beyond a doubt, our job is to make bold moves. In short, we get our vibrant energy from serving  customers. Putting it simply – there is no place on Earth that we would rather work at other than at Ameleco – Vancouver Electrical Stores!

To put it another way, we want to build our dynamic team. As a result, we offer full time and part time sales associate  positions. We certainly want you to work with us!  Since Ameleco’s Metro Vancouver Electrical Stores are growing, we are always hiring!

Vancouver Electric Stores – Ameleco – Current Openings:

We are one of the Vancouver Electrical Stores! To begin, we welcome qualified candidates to join our amazing team. Are you interested in becoming an amazing customer service associate, marketing coordinator, or sales representative? Along with these great roles, what about channel manager or purchasing manager? The best part of all, we offer the most competitive salary. All in all, we give our full time employees the best benefits. Also, email us your résumé so that we can contact you if you are a successful candidate.

Are you passionate about what electricians do?

Are you enthusiastic about LED Lighting, LED Fixtures, LED Drivers, and LED Light Bulbs?

Email: [email protected]

Ameleco Electric Supply Inc. has employees spread out across British Columbia.

In fact, Ameleco Electric Supply Inc. is committed to fair and equal opportunity for all qualified applicants. Equally important, recruitment and selection are based on individual assessment and merit.  For example, we always strive to recruit and select without regard to race, religion, and colour. Another example, we always strive to recruit and select without regard to place of origin, ancestry, and political beliefs. In addition, we always strive to recruit and select without regard to gender, sexual orientation, or age.  The last example, we always strive to recruit and select without regard to marital status, family status, and physical or mental disabilities as well.