It’s LED Lighting Time!

By upgrading to light-emitting diode (LED) lights outside and inside the home will allow us to reduce household maintenance and save energy.  To upgrade to modern LED lights such as from LED light bulbs to stylish LED fixtures, shop now at or at your nearest Ameleco Supply Store.  By shopping online for LED lighting, we can have your order ready to be shipped or picked up at your nearest Ameleco Electric Store right away.

LED lights use less energy than the energy needed by other types of bulbs to achieve the same amount of light. By switching to LED lights, we are doing something good environmentally and financially as can be seen in many of our energy bills. Unlike halogen lights which last for just a few months, LED lights can burn for thousands of hours and last for many years.

Why Switch From Halogen to LED Lighting?

Compared to halogen and incandescent lighting, outdoor and indoor LED lighting provides many benefits.  For example, energy efficiency because LED lights use less energy to give the same amount of light when compared with the larger amounts of energy used by other types of bulbs.

Switching to LED lights means doing something good for the planet and can reduce the cost of your energy bills. Longevity. LED lights can burn for thousands of hours, lasting for years rather than just a few months. As a result, you will not have to replace them as frequently. Temperature. LED lights give off less heat than other types of lighting. This keeps conditions cooler indoors and helps to ensure safety. Durability. LED lights are crafted out of strong materials that can withstand the effects of weather outdoors and hold up to minor wear and tear indoors.

Layering LED Lights

Searching for LED lights for your home? When shopping for indoor lighting, take a layered approach with: Ambient lighting, the primary source of light in your space. Ambient light can include chandeliers, ceiling lights, track lights, recessed lights and wall-mount lights. Task lighting, extra lights used to brighten up areas where you need to do work, such as desktops or countertops. Pendant lights, lamps and track lighting can all be used for task lights. Accent lighting calls attention to your decor. LED under-cabinet lights, recessed lights, wall sconces and other fixtures are ideal for these illuminated accents.

Get on your way to having a greener, brighter home today. Click the button above to start your search for LED lighting for every room and outdoor area.